Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mamta Kulkarni Controversial Photos, Mamta Kulkarni Topless

Mamta Kulkarni stormed the Bollywood appearing topless in a magazine at times when Bollywood was not so open in terms of experiments with women exposure. Mamta appeared nearly nude at the top covering her boobs with hands barely able to hide them. The photoshoot created a scandal. And not only this photoshoot she has been one of the boldest actresses of her times. She had no qualms about donning navel revealing saree and tight jeans that exposed her flesh belly. There are lot of masala hot pictures of this sexy lady. Here are two of the hottest pics of Mamta Kulkarni first of which is from the magazine and the second one seems to be from a movie. For more hot photos of actress and sexy models you can visit the link.

Mamta Kulkarni Covering Breasts With Hands
Mamta Kulkarni Covering Her Nipples Update : One more very hot photo of this heroine in a saree tied below navel.

mamta kulkarni hot photo
Here is one more update of hot and sexy pictures of this Bollywood siren. First on is from a bathing scene from the movie Khajuraho. And other is one more of her in hand bra.
mamta kulkarni bathing from khajuraho
mamta kulkarni hand bra