Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Noida MMS Scandal, After Delhi MMS A New MMS Scandal Crops Up From Noida B School

A new MMS scandal has come to light of a girl who is the student of a well known B Schools at Noida. Reportedly, her boyfriend circulated the MMS video clip. Further it is said that the girl had refused to marry him, so to take revenge the boy logged into her e mail account and sent this MMS to many of her freinds on the contact list. Mid Day reported this story yesterday.

The MMS video shows the girl dancing to music and stripping nude for her boyfriend. The video seems to be captured by a cellphone. Both study in the same institution and are classmates.

Noida police has still not taken any action because there is no official complaint lodged against anyone. The police says it has started investigating the matter.

Rakesh Shukla a representative of All India Women Conference says, "It is a matter of deep concern that school and college students are indulging in such deplorable activities and defaming their classmates by putting their obscene clips on websites or circulating it among other students."

This is the biggest scandal since 2004 when DPS MMS rocked the nation. Some of the students say that the girl had complained to the teacher about the issue but Mid Day reports that the teacher denied any such complaint.